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Arcanum Cafe is one of the internet's oldest, since 1997, online poetry & arts websites. The site is a community for poets, writers, musicians, photographers & artists to showcase their works, share their lives and provide visitors with fresh writing & arts in a wide array of styles to enjoy.

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AC News - Site Redesign September 19, 2014

Arcanum Cafe's old site design was at least 10 years old and long in need of updating. So I'm now in the process of updating the site's design to be more modern (visually as well as technologically) and hopefully easier to use in the process with new drop down navigation menus as well easier to read text sizing. We're keeping the overall blue color scheme we've become known for because in the past any attempt to massively change color schemes was met with a negative uproar.

So expect to see the changes slowly working themselves across the whole site over time.

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Posted by: Joe

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World News Headlines September 21, 2014
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