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October 24, 2014

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Literary Quote
“Each year brings new problems of form and content, new foes to tug with; at Twenty I tried to vex my elders, past sixty it's the young whom I hope to bother.”

-- W.H. Auden

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Original music and/or writings from our members or alumni (either by individual AC members or bands they were in when the piece was created). All works are made available in RealAudio format, which requires RealPlayer.

Parental Advisory icon = parental advisory: contains language/themes that may not be suitable for all ages

lyrics or text icon = song lryics or poetry/prose text


Cambridge   Info on Cambridge

Darkfaze   Info on Darkfaze

Datura Blues   Info on Datura Blues

Jeremy Barker   Info on Jeremy Barker

Jeremy Oegema (Beautiful Failure)   Info on Jeremy Oegema
Jeremy Oegema - Beautiful Failure

Lost Firefly   Info on Lost Firefly

Michael Bonanno   Info on Michael Bonanno

Ryan Webb (Mantraschism)   Info on Ryan Webb (Mantraschism)

Sarah (Manic)   Info on Sarah (Manic)
Sarah - Manic

Trexroth   Info on Trexroth

VAMP3D   Info on VAMP3D

Poetry & Prose

Wulf   Info on Wulf

If you are a member of AC's forums and have original songs or audio poetry readings you'd like us to add here, then email the file(s) to: Be sure to include your forum username, the written lyrics or poem(s) & any info you wish listed with the audio file(s).

All materials on this site are protected by U.S. copyright laws and/or applicable international copyright agreements. You may download works solely for your own personal use. You may not reproduce, distribute, publicly perform or create derivative works of these works unless you have permission by the copyright owner(s).

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