View Full Version : Saying goodbye to 2004 and hello to 2005 impromptu jam

01-01-2005, 12:01 AM
it's deceptively quiet
as 2004 gets ready to put on her cloak
and head out into the wild unknown

2005 is just about ready to step out of the fridge
make some splashes into the now
whatcha say...whatcha gonna say



01-01-2005, 12:26 AM
the answer's love
what's the question?
hey, 2005, can you ask again?

01-01-2005, 12:40 AM
the answer is the question
and the questioners explore the question
till the answer fades into fog

2005 - fogtime in bigtown tonight

01-01-2005, 12:47 AM
quiet explorations bring on a 2005 head

01-01-2005, 12:53 AM
over in the piled duvet
rests a pillow waiting for 2005
to come to bed

teapot high with warmth
drinkup, drinkin

life is brewing for you


01-01-2005, 01:02 AM
happy 2005
it's midnight plus minute

idiot wind is blowing through my ears
sweet intoxicating poetry


01-01-2005, 01:14 AM
untangle the knots
continue the climb
just over the next rock
just ahead
the sun shines
the sky paints the bluest hope

just there
a little more
together we'll make it


01-01-2005, 01:31 AM
toast to the jam
hot apple cider
cinnamon spiced year

01-01-2005, 01:52 AM
jam is an acquired taste
may 2005 shower jam on more poetheads

(are you listenin 2005?)

Spiros Zafiris
01-01-2005, 01:54 AM
.hey beautiful people..Happy New Year..!

01-01-2005, 01:56 AM
spiros showers his inimitable presents
his presence
and his gold

welcome music to a new year's jam


Spiros Zafiris
01-01-2005, 02:05 AM
yea..i should spread out the alphabet
and ask my guiding spirit
for a revelation or a dainty haiku
or such...seven months no cigarettes, too..

Spiros Zafiris
01-01-2005, 02:08 AM
i did tell myself
that two months was nothing
and that six months was too pretty
—i had to not smoke for at least 7 months
and here it is..

Doreen Peri
01-01-2005, 02:11 AM
I have come into the fold, alive,
of two thousand and five.
I could take a dive because for time.
I could because it is a possible scenerio.
I do not drive myself when drunk on life
nor coffer up the strife to strike the perfect note
of measurement. Nor do I treasure my own judgement
in the wake of a blanket of snowed-in bull.
But I do, however, reckon with the pull of fate
and wait the circumference of minute hands to
damn the liars of persistent calendars!

Wars have been fought for less!

Give me your breathe and your tolerance
and I will offer my exhale to kin who are not oblivious
for the taking of yes!

There is nothing to guess but the morning.
There is nothing to presume but the torment of wonder.
I wander on the quake of a tempered explosion below
an ocean but I will not wipe out the coast.

Most of all
I have come into the fold, alive.
I am a wild-eyed paralyzed fly
on the wall.

My call
is a song.

Patchouli Patriot
01-01-2005, 02:15 AM
*reads along*

01-01-2005, 02:19 AM
bursts poppers
pop fires work without
stop to break
a frightful noise

"the thing that you're hearing is only the sound of the low spark
of high heeled boys"

the crackes; new year


Doreen Peri
01-01-2005, 02:24 AM

there is always a why when it comes to questioning?
and so i ask now why? why shouldn't i? what is here to answer?
what dancing verbiage can explain? what name of futility can answer me
and what, by god, can claim the fame to any number of reasons?


I would like to know why.
though I know it doesn't matter.
though I know the clammer of such questions
will be met with regret and dismissal. Though i know
the woe of why not will weigh heavy on the score.

What i adore is the questioning and so i do.
Why? Why do you? are you a paramour? are you a reader?
what part of superceding speed reading do you want to explain?

You can't. And I would never ask.

I cast out demons with a flick of strict lyrics
but ask again why?

Ahhhh but the answer will never come.
No-one knows why crumbs seek to surface
in a liquid vessel.

Spiros Zafiris
01-01-2005, 02:34 AM

Yes No

have not started yet

** **

O Wind

O wind,
you are absolved
no one blames you

** **
..a recent channeled haiku
to get me warmed up..

01-01-2005, 02:36 AM
sarong ,so right and so far ,quiet is the night
may the warmth of mother tiger be with you poets
love is the answer and the key and all there is--
yes? Love is all you need ,Love Me Do ,Let Your Lovelight Shine
I will Always Love You ,Love Will Keep Us Together
Make Love Not War . Adopt a pet.Save Tibet and the Tiger ,Let the wolves be free
eat more veggies ,hug a loved one ,keep on truckin and write,write,write
Be a dreamer and Imagine .Don't bogart those pancakes .Give Peace A Chance .
Don't be afraid of all aliens. Don't drink and drive . Mucho love and huggy bears to you. So what ,it doesn't rhyme!

Doreen Peri
01-01-2005, 02:44 AM
more jams next week
at the scroll http://scroll.org
and studio eight and here if we are welcome

goodnight to a new year,
fear of flagrant futility amiss,
i kiss each third eye blind with my hollowed
hallowed fortunate festivity because i am me
so languid in the fluency of matter, i doubt
the patter of rhythm, while hanging to its very

this is my choice.

alive i am and you, my diadem
and continued meter, sweeter than
the timing of a tick or tock, more lucid
than the dock on a ship's shore, more
adored than the more i ever wanted,

taunted and tricked
by quickinebreation of an hour,
the tower of myself fallen
by a boom
into matter,
every goddamn creature
in me destroyed by a tsunamiwave,
craved i am of myself,
i save myself
by connecting
to you

01-01-2005, 02:49 AM
new , with fresh ,frosty morning dew
dew u hear what i hear?
hear me here ,as u are there
but we are everywhere
shake every care
wear yur party underwear
can u tell i'm tired?
the night is a alive
rock the night

Patchouli Patriot
01-01-2005, 02:58 AM
and a tired adieu from she who was watching...

01-01-2005, 03:02 AM
sleep tight and dream as loose as a goose.

Spiros Zafiris
01-01-2005, 03:03 AM
..she likes when i spank her,
i tried to explain
but they wouldn't have any of it
Donuts over their noses to get their attention..

Doreen Peri
01-01-2005, 03:14 AM
come visit the eight (http://studioeight.tv/phpbb)
for morejams, new year hams cookin' up some fun
damnitjanet, there's sum rum to be drunk and none
of the particular dangles have an angle to figure out what for
so if the spanks don't rank with the pain you implore, more
or less or whatever the test, do it with a paralasys of not,
get the got out of the jaunt and want it like a sieve
and we shall live
yes we shall live
yet again
two thousand
and five

Mark Coburn
01-01-2005, 04:35 AM
jam on the run
wakin' from dreams
that wash away
the years, that blurr
the satisfactually
all about space and
spreadin' the jelly
way to thin, shortcuts
through mysteries
woods, on paths trod
as a kid, yet in your
dreams all seems real
like the first time I walked
over the south capitol st.
bridge, place where they
used to say, "roll your
windows up....lock the doors!"
rod tools on my shoulder
passport to anywhere...............

01-01-2005, 05:31 AM
the passport is wired
and the night fired up
it's time to get in gear
for this new year
happy wishes ,festive dishes
music and hugs all round
light up the town
bright up the smiles
ink up your pen
for some poetry zen
hang tight
may your morning come gentle
from the night

Mark Coburn
01-01-2005, 05:49 AM
this wired one wears a grin
train ride to the begin...2005
and the miles make my smile
as I glide the while away the
hours conferring with the flowers
look at me AP werain' my gret big cheshire cat grin.................

01-01-2005, 05:57 AM
good to hear
grin from ear to ear
goodnight to you
may your dreamcatcher be near

01-01-2005, 06:01 AM
2005, you say?
keep sayin it, and i might recall the sound
were we here before

BCE or CE?
atlantis is just round the bend

01-01-2005, 06:20 AM
d'eja view
in the rear view
ah, here i am again

Mark Coburn
01-01-2005, 06:22 AM
floating on a sea
of 2500 years, the
best is yet to come
round the bent corners
of the fight to keep
the L7 away.....light
my day upon a chorus
of "Hail Atlantis!" where
I wanna be..............................