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03-23-2005, 12:22 AM
U.S. believes in freedom. I believe in security.
U.S. believes in entrepreneurs. I believe in collectives.
U.S. believes in free wheeling divorce. I believe in binding ties.
U.S. believes in mobility. I believe in settling down.
U.S. believes in big prisons for freedom. I believe in education and regulation of action.
U.S. believes in unfettered wealth. I believe in redistribution of wealth.
U.S. believes in each man for himself. I believe in treat your neighbor as youself.
U.S. believes in less government the better. I believe in strong social safety net.
U.S. believes in freedom to promote violence in music and movies. I believe in sane regulation of speech.
U.S. believe education of poor bottom priority. I believe top priority.
U.S. believes military force first option. I believe last option.
U.S. believes in Pax Americana. believe in Pax Universalis.

What do you do when you believe the opposite of every sacred tenet of your culture?


03-23-2005, 12:37 AM
Well, umm, I am not sure that your assumptions about what the United States believes are accurate in every detail. Besides (you know me) I still believe in allowing individual ability every opportunity for advancement. I am really tired tonight, but I will answer later.

When you don't believe what everyone else in your country believes you can either find another country or find a better reason for living your life. That is my most direct answer right now.