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The Wheelie

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Posted 10-31-2008 at 10:17 AM by Twitch
Updated 10-31-2008 at 10:34 AM by Twitch

I show the utmost respect to cops. It’s faired me well.

Cos I was in trouble a few times when I was young, but unlike my mates I didn’t pull attitude on the police. I may not respect them but I sure show them respect. This one time, riding my motorbike home from a long night of bartending, it's about 2 and there are a fair few cars on the road. I pull up at the lights, coming onto the main road out my way, right next to these two beautiful young women in this schmick yellow ute. They’re sitting real close to each other, kinda getting each other hot, but as I pull up and check em out, the driver says something, the passenger sits back and puts her belt on, while the driver revs it up a bit, vrrm vrrm V8. I think we’re on for a race. They’re smiling cheekily across at me as the light turns green, right, I drop the clutch and mono away from the lights, first, second, not a bad mono, then you know what I see, just totally come out of nowhere?

You ever seen it? It just makes your heart jump out of your chest?

Yeah, those flashing blue and red lights in the rear view mirror.

So I pull up on the side of the road, take me helmet and gloves off. This cop’s getting out of his car and walking up behind me, and I’m thinking, how the hell am I gonna sweet talk my way out of this one?

"What the hell was that?" Says the cop.

I look at him, shake my head slightly and tender a drawn smile, “I know, I did the wrong thing, it was stupid and I have absolutely no explanation or excuse to offer,…


He breath tests me, takes my license back to his car, checks me out, lets me sweat for five minutes, then comes back, hands my licence back and says, “Alright.

You ready for your lecture?”

“Yes, Sir.”
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