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Who rules the world?

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Posted 11-02-2007 at 04:42 PM by tony schofield

A friend of Chrissie's told me, during our visit, that the USA rules the world. This was not offered in any sense of boastfulness, but as a fact of life. I've decided that in some respects, I wouldn't mind if America did rule the world.

What leads me to think thus is our experiences of eating in Colorado. We made the mistake of ordering a main course, following what was described as a "starter" in our first restaurant visit. The alleged starter filled an entire dinner plate, and only left us enough belly room to nibble at the rest of the meal. Milo (Chrissie's Jack Russell) was delighted with the contents of our doggy bag!

The evidence of the American appetite led to further puzzlement. Why do so many desserts taste of cinnamon, and so many savouries of smoked hickory? Why is bread so sweet? What has happened to the rest of the pig, when only streaky bacon is available? One could go on at length. So many of the dietary possibilities seem very limited when compared to what is available in the UK. The main exception seems to be vegetables (at least in Colorado). Multi-coloured cauliflowers were displayed, along with yams, cassavas, American and African sweet potatoes etc. that I can only get back home in our local Caribbaean greengrocer's shop.

Allowing for the exception that perhaps tests the rule, it does seem to me that the American appetite has been created, formed and shaped by powerful interests who gain large profits from such modelling, and perhaps these and similar interests really rule the world. Many of these large corporations are rearing their heads in Europe, and I hear in other parts of the world.

I don't really want me and mine to be subject to the forces that they control. I didn't vote for them, and if the USA DID rule the world, perhaps I'd get some kind of vote as to who would be President?
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    wandelaar's Avatar
    I visited Washington a few years ago and also found the portions served at meals daunting!
    Interesting write,

    Posted 11-17-2007 at 12:08 PM by wandelaar wandelaar is offline
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    goldenmyst's Avatar
    I agree, being ruled without representation if unfair. I lived in Colorado for several months. I have fond memories of the Rocky Ford melons. They were a delight to the palate.

    Posted 11-24-2007 at 01:58 PM by goldenmyst goldenmyst is offline

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