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November 24, 2014

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Talk with others AC visitors in real time.


Your computer must have Sun's Java installed and available. Internet Explorer 4 or better, Netscape 4 or better, Opera 5 or better, or new generation browsers like Firefox, Mozilla, etc. Java and javascript must be enabled in your browser, firewall or internet security software. Grant the pop-up dialog permission (certificate) when it appears. We recommend the selecting 'always' option if available. Firewalls or blocking requested pop-ups may interfere with usage.



Nickname is any username of your choosing. We use a public IRC server, so the nickname you select may be taken. If so it will automatically change your nickname to 'guest' usually followed by a string of numbers. You can change nicknames in the room by typing: /NICK nickname (changing nickname for another choice of nicknames).

Nick password is only if you have registered your nickname with the IRC server.

@ChanServ, if active, is just a 'bot' (robot) that keeps our room available so don't bother trying to chat it up.

More/related info:

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