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October 25, 2014

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Using Our Forums
We understand that our forum software may seem a bit daunting or complex to some of our visitors. So here's a few notes to help you jump into the fray and start posting your own messages or communicating with our members.

To post a new thread or even reply, requires you to be a registered member and of course logged in. Read the description for each forum if you're unsure where to post a work or start a new discussion topic.

To start a new discussion or post a piece of writing just click on the forum you think would be the most appropriate forum. Then click on "new thread" button either at the top or bottom of the thread listings page within that forum. Then you'll need to enter a "subject" line (a title for the thread). Of course enter your message, writing, poem or artwork, whichever may be the case. At the bottom you'll also find a few checkboxes so you can choose whether or not to include your signature (if you have one, see Edit Signature in the User CP area to create a signature), disable smilies or to be notified by email about replies to your topic.

To reply to someone's writing or an existing discussion you may click on "post reply" button on the top or bottom of that thread's page. Optionally you may just use the simple 'quick reply' box at the bottom of a thread's page. Using the 'post reply' page versus the 'quick reply' allows you more formatting and smilie options. If you aren't logged in then you'll be directed to login when clicking a 'new thread' or 'post reply' button or using the 'quick reply' feature. Once doing so you'll be taken back to the appropriate page.

The type of interface you are given for typing your message in depends on your preferences set in the User CP area under Edit Options. To add smilie faces to your message click on the desired smilie in the "Smilies" area or the pop-up window with all smilies available via the 'more' link. (Only 8 smilies are allowed per post currently). To format your text in special ways, use the instant vB Code buttons above the message box. Click the button once done to post the message. To learn the various special codes you can use to format your message, see our vB Code page.

Avoid accidental double posts by using the navigation bar at the top or drop box at the bottom of pages after posting or editing instead of your browser's back buttons.

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