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October 23, 2014

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User Titles & Avatars Explained
There always seems to be a bit of confusion about those titles and pictures under members' names in forum posts. So here's a little guide.

User Titles
A user title is the descriptive names or titles you see directly under a member's name in their posts. Basically the default titles just serve as indicator of posting status. The typical user title is dependent on the number of posts a member has at that given time. Staffers have a special rank in addition to a usertitle that denotes their position on the site. Paid members may also optionally have a rank indicating they are either gold or silver premium members.

Current default titles & minimum number of posts need to get that title.

Lurker - Posts: 0
Junior Member - Posts: 1
Member - Posts: 30
Senior Member - Posts: 100
Muse - Posts: 500
Literati - Posts: 1000
Writer In Residence - Posts: 2500
Poet Laureate - Posts: 5000

In some special circumstances, a members usertitle may be changed by the software or the staff due to administrative reasons:

Unconfirmed - the person hasn't confirmed their email address and the account has been disbled until does.
Suspended - the person's account has been temporarily suspend pending staff review of behavior.
Banned - the person has been banned due to repeated violations of site rules and policies.

We realize many members want to show off their individuality. So we allow free members with 100+ posts & 120 days of membership to have a custom usertitle via the 'USER CP' area, under "EDIT PROFILE." Members who upgraded their membership to our paid subscriptions of Silver or Gold Premium Memberships (see 'USER CP' then 'Paid Subscription' link in the left menu) automatically can have custom usertitles regardless of post count or days or membership.

Note: Custom user titles are also auto-censored and can't have a staff title in them unless you're a staff member.
Avatars are the little pictures that are posted below usernames on post. Basically they're just a way of including a small image to represent one's personality or an actual picture of oneself.

Members can choose from a wide range of hundreds of pre-selected avatars in many different categories either during registration or anytime thereafter via the "USER CP" area under "EDIT AVATAR". Members can update their avatar any time they want.

Again we know people want to show off their personality or themselves. So members with 100 or more posts can upload their own avatar to use or enter a URL for another avatar if they have one posted elsewhere on the web. Maximum dimensions for custom avatars for free members is 64x64 pixels and the file size must also be 19 kb or less. Those with a paid subscription can automatically have a custom avatar regardless of post count. Silver Premium Members can have a 80x80 pixel custom avatar (up to 30kb); and Gold Premium Members can have a 100x100 pixel custom avatar (up to 30kb). If the dimensions or file size exceed the maximums for your particular membership then the avatar will be refused or automatically resized (depending of software settings) by our system.

For those of our members that don't want to view avatars and speed up loading time, there is an option in the "USER CP" area under "EDIT OPTIONS" to turn off all viewing of avatars on posts.

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