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Default Beware


A shadow lies upon the ground,
a blackness that is so profound.
Against the marble cool and white
reflecting back the bright sunlight.

My eyes are fooled and cant be sure
and see it as an aperture.
A deep dark trench that’s cut into
the marble. This is something new.

My mind denies that this can be
rejects this view immediately.
The brain interprets what is seen
applies cold logic to the scene.

Decides it’s just a shadow cast
by the bright sun and will not last.
Then as the sun moves in the sky
the shadow alters rapidly.

Diminishing and growing small
until it is not there at all.
The sun directly overhead
the shadow has been banished.

Upon the pavement burnished white
a slender column stands upright.

Although my eyes were truly fooled
and that my mind has overruled,
The false impression stays with me
I wonder if impossibly.

My mind was wrong and my eyes right
the trench I saw as black as night
might have been reality
that’s only visible to me.

Perhaps those less fortunate.
Realised the truth but far too late
to save themselves before they fell
into that dark and lonely hell.

The toll of folks who disappear
from public view, grows year by year.
Maybe this odd phenomenon
might well explain where they have gone.

As they live trapped in agony
between the worlds that we can see
and other worlds that we cannot.
To gnash their teeth bemoan their lot.

Beware of shadows in the sun
its all too easy having fun
to forget danger can lie
beneath a friendly summer sky.

You too could vanish from men’s sight
and none would ever know your plight.
Held fast between realities
the other worlds that no one sees.

Take care my friends heed what I say
and may you never rue the day
that you dismissed to easily
the danger that you did not see.

Jan 2005

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