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Poeticpiers In memorial of our AC moderator and long time friend Ivor Ewan Hogg aka Poeticpiers. Archive of his works at AC and those about him.

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Default Inexplicable.


The night was cold but still and clear.
As I patrolled the riverside.
I felt a sudden twinge of fear.
Quite suddenly I was terrified.

It was a strange experience.
I saw no reason for my fear.
It went against my common sense
When I thought I saw appear.

Two figure from the distant past.
A sailor and his light of love.
Fear for the moment held me fast.
Although I tried I could not move.

The sailor struck her on the head
with some heavy implement.
To make quite sure that she was dead.
Another blow more violent.

Then he made off and left her there.
He had done what he intended to.
Whilst I was forced to stand and stare.
There was nothing I could do,

When I could move I went to where.
I had seen her body fall
Her battered body was not there.
There was no blood no sign at all.

When I regained my self control.
Of course I double checked the scene.
Then carried on with my patrol.
Convinced myself that I had been.

Confused by some trick of the light.
It’s possible I might have been.
But I won’t forget that night
nor what I thought that I had seen.

The memory still bothered me.
When I retired I found the time.
To study local history.
I found a record of the crime.

A woman’s body had been found
Beside the waters of the Tyne.
Just left abandoned on the ground
She died in eighteen twenty nine.

Was I transported back in time?
On that cold evening long ago
.Was I a witness to that foul crime?
I cannot say I do not know.

Though I remember vividly.
The murder scene I thought I saw.
A trick of light most probably.
Though I shall wonder evermore.

Tuesday, 07 February 2012
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Ivor your story is vivid as though from actual experience. Another gem in your literary crown my friend.

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