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October 20, 2014

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About AC
  1. What does "Arcanum" mean?
    Arcanum, which orginates from Latin, means a secret or mysterious knowledge known only to a few; the great secret which was supposed to lie behind all strivings and life; an elixir; something hidden in a box (used to refer to the mythological pandora's box).
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  2. How long has Arcanum Cafe been around?
    The Arcanum Cafe was started on August 19, 1997. It wasn't until January 3, 1999 that we started using the domain

    More info About AC.
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  3. What's the Cafe purpose or mission?
    The cafe was started in order to try to give all poets and writers a chance to have their works delivered to the world and for readers to have access to these fresh works. Arcanum Cafe has expanded its aim to also provide the best possible community environment for poets/writers/readers to come together and interact as well as acting as a support center for writers/poets.
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  4. Who owns or runs this site?
    Arcanum Cafe is owned, primarily administrated, created and founded by Joe Lavigne. The Cafe also has a few very helpful and dedicated staffers, forum administrators & moderators, plus content contributors. And we rely heavily on everyone's opinions, desires and feedback to stay focused. AC is the sum of all it's parts: staff, contributors, friends and guests.

    Want to know more about Joe try: Mythwalker or our About Us page.
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